Get Primed for Arbonne Makeup Primer!

Arbonne Makeup Primer is one of the brand’s biggest sellers, but a lot of us don’t even use primer.

So why does it sell so well?

It’s because makeup primer is one of those things you don’t know you need until you try it… and then you’re hooked for life.

What is Makeup Primer, you ask?

Arbonne Makeup Primer is a lightweight, velvety cream that you apply over your daily moisturizer (or on clean skin) before putting on makeup.

Arbonne Makeup Primer glides onto your face, filling up pores and fine lines and creating a smooth base for makeup.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should use a primer:

  1. Creates a smooth base for your foundation
  2. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores
  3. Prevents makeup from creasing in your eyelids
  4. Helps your makeup stay put in extreme weather
  5. Decreases the appearance of acne

How do you use Arbonne Makeup Primer?

Moisturizing your face first is a good idea because it helps the primer go on evenly.

Wait a couple minutes for the moisturizer to absorb, and then use your fingers or a beauty sponge to apply.

A little bit goes a long way, so start with a small amount at the middle of your face and work outwards. It goes on as a liquid and then quickly dries.

Use a gentle, circular motion to spread primer over your whole face and then apply your makeup!

**Pro Tip: Arbonne Makeup Primer can be used without makeup for a natural look.**

The whole process takes seconds and makes a world of difference.

Is Makeup Primer Good for your Skin?

You have to be careful when choosing makeup primer because it is a product that you apply all over your face under your makeup.

Anything that comes in direct contact for a long period of time has the potential to cause skin irritation.

However, Arbonne Makeup Primer is non-comedogenic, meaning it allows your skin to breathe. It actually nourishes and conditions with its vitamin-rich formula.

Specs from the product sheet detail how the primer works:

  • Hyaluronic spheres help prime skin, creating a soft canvas
  • Green tea leaf extract conditions skin
  • Grapeseed extract smooths skin and balances moisture
  • Iron oxides and mica cover imperfections, creating a “soft focus” appearance
  • Horsetail extract conditions skin

See what others have to say about Arbonne Makeup Primer:

Beauty gurus and everyday women alike are leaving glowing reviews all over the internet. Keep in mind that personal results vary (everyone’s skin is different), but here are a few experiences from real users.

“I tried it the next day and was blown away. My makeup glided on and it just made my foundation look so much better. I know it is meant to be used to keep your makeup in place (which it did very well), the bonus of making my foundation look 10 times better was the best bonus!” – Livvy1 on


“I have had my bottle of this for 8 months now, and even using it around 4 times per week its still going!
It comes in an airtight pump bottle so there’s no waste or spoiling.

It gives the most beautiful, luminous finish and really feels like silk going on the skin. I find it sets my foundation perfectly and I’m always complimented on my ‘glow’ when using it.

I also find that using it under your lipstick makes a huge difference to lasting power, and if you put it over the top of a glossy lipstick (blotted with a tissue first) you get the most gorgeous velvet finish.
A MUST-HAVE for your beauty-kit!” – MichCoop at

Try some for yourself. It could be your makeup game-changer!

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream Combines Skincare and Beauty

Pare down your makeup clutter by replacing 10 products with 1! Arbonne CC Cream is a primer, protector, concealer, hydrator, mattifier, brightener, pore refiner… AND MORE all in one little green-capped tube.

Why waste your valuable resources on one-note products when you can accomplish much more with a single product?

What is a CC Cream?

The original combination face cream product was the BB cream. BB cream combines moisturizer with tint, which gives a degree of blemish coverage while hydrating.

Now we have CC creams, which give you coverage and colour correction (hence the name), but they also nourish the skin. They combine beauty and skincare. Arbonne CC Cream goes above and beyond the typical CC cream.

Yes, it moisturizes and conceals… It also acts as primer, protector, mattifier, brightener; blemish cover, pore refiner, comforter, and complexion controller.

What’s in Arbonne CC Cream?

Arbonne uses botanical ingredients in their products for their beneficial properties and the Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream is no exception.

It has

  • Red Algae for its skin conditioning capabilities
  • Capers for conditioning and moisturizing
  • Chicory and Alfalfa, which work together to reduce signs of aging

Those ingredients might not mean that much to most of us who aren’t botanists, but what IS meaningful … is the RESULT!

In clinical trials, testers reported these effects:

  • Smaller looking pores
  • Discolouration and blemishes were hidden
  • Brighter skin
  • Even and smooth skin texture
  • Feeling of soothed, moisturized skin

“Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream is like multitasking in a tube.”

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream comes out of the tube feeling like a lightweight mousse, which spreads smoothly over the face and neck.

It’s great for those who need more than a tinted moisturizer, but less than a foundation.

See the application in the video below:

Interested in getting your hands on a tube? Find it in the online store or talk to your local consultant 🙂


Festive and flirty! Get the Holiday 2015 look using our Sugar Plum Baked Eye Shadow Palette, It’s A Long Story® Mascara Royal Purple, and Kiss At Midnight Lip Conditioner Trio.

  1. Lightly sweep Icing over entire eyelid. Do not over apply.
  2. Apply Gingersnap to the inner corners of the crease.
  3. Blend Plumberry to the outer ends of the crease.
  4. Pick up Ganache with slant brush and draw along the lash line.
  5. Apply two coats of It’s A Long Story Mascara Royal Purple.
  6. Finish the look with Kiss At Midnight Lip Conditioner in Berry.

Becky’s Top 5 Arbonne Cosmetics Products

Arbonne cosmetics partner perfectly with any of our skin care lines to give you the healthy and radiant beauty you desire. If you already have a great skin care routine, but follow it up with poor quality makeup, you won’t end up with great results from either one.

Here are my favourite Arbonne cosmetic products that I personally use and love:

Makeup Primer

Many don’t know why they should be using a primer, but the Arbonne Makeup Primer will prepare your skin before any makeup is applied, creating a perfectly smooth canvas. It even diminishes your fine lines and pores. Using this product will keep your makeup looking better and longer lasting.

Our primer does not contain any mineral oils that can clog pores. Contrary to common belief, our makeup primer will not exacerbate acne or other instances of problematic skin. Using a primer will actually hydrate the skin below your makeup and improve its look over time.

You can even apply our primer to your heels when you are breaking in your new shoes.

Mineral Powder Brush

I love our new mineral powder brush because compared to other off-the-shelf brands, it is not messy to use. The less powder spilled on the counter, the less powder you use, which saves you money in the long run.

Arbonne’s brush is specifically formulated to allow makeup to be applied evenly for a flawless complexion. It is made with synthetic bristles, not animal hair, so they are easy to keep clean and sanitized.

Crème Concealer

Looking for a beautiful, clear skin? With this concealer, you can cover up any imperfections, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the under eye.

Compared to other products, Arbonne’s cream concealer goes on smooth every time and doesn’t cake around your eyes. It also adds beneficial moisture to your under eye to keep you looking young and healthy with or without makeup.

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream

This is my absolute favourite all-purpose cosmetic product. I use it for lightweight coverage on days when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup, like when I go golfing.
Quick and easy-to-use, this product needs to be in your purse, makeup bag, at your desk – anywhere you may need a quick touch-up in a pinch.

It’s A Long Story Mascara

Mascara is a makeup bag essential and Arbonne’s mascara is the absolute best. I love that the formulation is lengthening and nurturing to your delicate eyelashes. It is also formulated to be longwearing and water-resistant. That means no mascara running down your face or crumbling under your eyes after a long day.

This product works especially well for those who don’t have lush eyelashes. It’s thickening without clumping.

Want to know how you can get your hands on the best beauty products in Edmonton? Give me call today 587-316-1022 to get started with Arbonne!