Arbonne Baby Care: Diaper Rash, Teething Rash, Mosquito Bites

This was one of the most important product lines for me as a retired Pediatric Nurse in Alberta where the treatment of skin care for babies was so important and relevant to the child’s comfort and future skin conditions.

There were many instances where children with a diagnosis of “severe diaper rash” were admitted to the Pediatric unit to get the situation under control.  You can only imagine how painful this must have been for the baby.

The bottom line (no pun intended) is that skin needs to be protected from the elements whether it is urine, #2, drooling /teething or runny noses.

When all this is going on, somewhere out of the blue, a yeast infection takes hold then “rashes associated with yeast “ becomes very difficult to clear up.

The Arbonne Baby Care Diaper Cream has ingredients that support the control of yeast infections because the ingredients protect the skin as well as allow absorption to control the yeast.  This is helpful in yeast infections around nasal passages, butt or for breast-feeding mothers.  Yeast is a pinpoint rash that is difficult to clear up and also looks dry at times with scaling.

I suffer from a localized reaction to mosquito bites where they become uncontrollably itchy and swollen.  During the summer and during my golf rounds…I keep my Diaper Cream close by.  My mosquito bites do not become swollen and I can keep from itching the area.

Thank you Arbonne for this relief from the pesky critters – mosquitos and yeast.

Becky’s Top 5 Baby Care Arbonne Products

Arbonne originally started out as a premium skin care provider and since then has continued to put their knowledge towards developing hair care, body care and spa quality bath products that are safe, pure and beneficial. Amongst all of the products out there, Arbonne continues to formulate incredibly effective lines to care for everyone in your household.

These are some of my personal favorite Bath, Body and Hair Care products that I love and look forward to using daily.

Arbonne Pure Vibrance (PV)

This salon quality hair care line is something that I always recommend. It works on colored hair because it is incredibly safe and gentle and allows you color to last 2 to 3 weeks longer. I especially love the ColorLast Hair Serum to keep my hair moisturized, tame frizz and protect my color. The PV Hair Spray is amazing to generate body and again is a safe and less damaging hair spray.

Purifying Sea Soak

This soak from Arbonne’s SeaSource Detox Spa line is incredible after a long day. Take some time to pamper your body, skin and mind. This cleansing formula also helps to rid your body of toxins to improve your immunity, encourage weight loss and make you feel great all over. It is important to support your body’s natural immunity.

Renewing Body Gelée

Also from the spa line is this incredible cooling formula that helps to soothe your skin and re-hydrate after a day at the beach. I use it after a long day of shopping or after a hard workout to soothe my tired muscles. The gel also helps to release lactic acid and relieve tense muscles.

Skin Conditioning Oil

From the FC5 Body care line, this ultra-moisturizing oil is great for all of your dry patches. You can use this nurturing and non-irritating oil on your elbows, face, cuticles, or even on your chapped skin when you have a cold. This product is very comparable to Bio Oil as you can use it to heal scars and stretch marks. I like to keep one by my bed, in my purse and at my desk to make sure my skin is always hydrated.

Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème

Do you suffer from cracked and irritated dry skin on your hands? This formula is lightweight and non-greasy. Arbonne products DO NOT contain mineral oil, therefore this hand crème doesn’t stay on top of the skin and eventually rub off; it actually soaks into your skin to truly moisturize and repair. Check out the ingredients in other hand creams…

Looking for a Bath, Body or Hair care line that is right for you? Don’t hesitate to call me for a free Arbonne consultation today 587-316-1022.