Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream Combines Skincare and Beauty

Pare down your makeup clutter by replacing 10 products with 1! Arbonne CC Cream is a primer, protector, concealer, hydrator, mattifier, brightener, pore refiner… AND MORE all in one little green-capped tube.

Why waste your valuable resources on one-note products when you can accomplish much more with a single product?

What is a CC Cream?

The original combination face cream product was the BB cream. BB cream combines moisturizer with tint, which gives a degree of blemish coverage while hydrating.

Now we have CC creams, which give you coverage and colour correction (hence the name), but they also nourish the skin. They combine beauty and skincare. Arbonne CC Cream goes above and beyond the typical CC cream.

Yes, it moisturizes and conceals… It also acts as primer, protector, mattifier, brightener; blemish cover, pore refiner, comforter, and complexion controller.

What’s in Arbonne CC Cream?

Arbonne uses botanical ingredients in their products for their beneficial properties and the Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream is no exception.

It has

  • Red Algae for its skin conditioning capabilities
  • Capers for conditioning and moisturizing
  • Chicory and Alfalfa, which work together to reduce signs of aging

Those ingredients might not mean that much to most of us who aren’t botanists, but what IS meaningful … is the RESULT!

In clinical trials, testers reported these effects:

  • Smaller looking pores
  • Discolouration and blemishes were hidden
  • Brighter skin
  • Even and smooth skin texture
  • Feeling of soothed, moisturized skin

“Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream is like multitasking in a tube.”

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream comes out of the tube feeling like a lightweight mousse, which spreads smoothly over the face and neck.

It’s great for those who need more than a tinted moisturizer, but less than a foundation.

See the application in the video below:

Interested in getting your hands on a tube? Find it in the online store or talk to your local consultant 🙂

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