About Rebecca Prince

Rebecca-Prince-arbonne-consultantGreetings, my name is Rebecca (Becky) Prince.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope to personally meet you someday.  My life has been about precious relationships.

I am an Independent Consultant with the most amazing company Arbonne International, where we have the business opportunity to have clients in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia and soon to be Poland and Taiwan.

I live in Sherwood Park with my husband.  We have 3 grown married sons with 10, soon to be 11, grandchildren.  We live close to each other so my life is full and beautiful. 3-grand-kids-driving-green-tractor

I was introduced to Arbonne’s anti-aging skin care line in 2006, while I was working my student Optician practicum hours.  A coworker asked me, “what do you use on your face for skin care?”  I was thoughtful as I considered this question.  I have sensitive skin, was hesitant to try new things and didn’t really know what I was presently using for a facial product.  I graciously accepted the offer to take Arbonne’s Re9 Anti-Aging line (ConsultantID: 115013748) home to trial…came back the next day and wanted to purchase the line.  If a person listens to their body’s response to food or skin care….they know whether the product or food is compatible with their system.

Arbonne Flower Logo_fullMy Nursing background has heightened my sensitivity to the importance of our overall well-being.  Yet while practicing Nursing, I came to realize our healthcare system does not support individual choices for treating symptoms.   Our physician driven system partners with pharmaceuticals and we end up with a “prescription” for a steroid cream or something else less than pure, safe and beneficial. 

 Now, please know that I value our healthcare system I prefer health care choices to remain with you.  I do value the role that other practitioners provide, however I want “YOU” to be the driver.  You decide what your needs might be based on your understanding of the symptoms.  This was my philosophy throughout my nursing experience in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Maternity, and many other areas of practice.

Arbonne came to me, I was not looking for a business or a product.  How thankful I am for being found.  I had retired from Nursing, not really liking the Optician world, because that discipline was more about selling you a pair of glasses, when really it should be about “eye health”.

Arbonne provides a product that is pure, safe and beneficial.  I share Arbonne’s products and my clients end up ordering the product and often are interested in the business potential for residual income.  I have learned that we either don’t have enough money and/or time to enjoy life.

Gloria Hodder and I at Northeast Edmonton Community Health Centre

Gloria Hodder and I at Northeast Community Health Centre